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Hydrade Products
102 Neilson St, Onehunga,
Auckland 2013
PO Box 58142 Botany,
Auckland 2163

P: +64 9 579 4690



General videos

Hydraulic Performance of HAURATON Gratings

Hydraulic Performance of HAURATON Gratings

This movie proofs the enourmous hydraulic performance of HAURATON Gratings in relation to different rain events in the world.

Erweiterung der Produktion in Ötigheim

Expansion of the production plant in Ötigheim

See here in this video the expansion of the FASERFIX production plant in our factory in Ötigheim. With this we are able to expand our high quality standards for channels even more.

Neue Verpackungsanlage bei HAURATON in Ötigheim

New packing machine at HAURATON in Ötigheim

In our logisitic department in the factory in Ötigheim we have invested into a new packing machine. With this we guarantuee the highest security for the delivey of our goods to our customers.

FASERFIX®Rinnen – Produktion und Produktionslogistik

FASERFIX Production and Production logistics

See here the production and production logistics from HAURATON at the site in Ötigheim. On the high-tech-plant more than thousand of FASERFIX drainage channels made of fibre reinforced concrete were produced day by day.


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